About me

I’m Lilian, a Product Designer with a multidisciplinary background and the ability to translate abstract concepts into beautiful, detailed and functional products.
I'm currently the UX Design Lead for the PayPal Business App

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I consider myself a generalist, but my strongest skill is Visual Design. I also feel comfortable running usability research and prototyping with varying levels of fidelity.

I use HTML, CSS and some Javascript chops to create websites and prototypes. Designing digital products is something I enjoy doing these days,  but I also enjoy branding and hand lettering.

+10 years of experience as an on-site product designer, freelancer, and senior designer in digital agencies, has allowed me to develop a user-centric approach to launch products, collaborate strongly within cross-functional teams and meet business objectives.

On the personal side, I'm a great cook,  bike enthusiast, avid reader and typography lover. 

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