about the project

A wholesale hardware store with more than 30 years of experience and 10,000 products saw the opportunity to join the e-commerce space to keep up with their new clients. I redesigned their online store, inspired by the excellent customer service, operations and layout in the physical stores.


Coinciding with the anniversary of Ferrepat, our team was under pressure to deliver a finished product in 4 months. We allocated a month and a half for design.

Research & Findings

Through competitive research, conversations with current customers and service agents, we established a few key insights that helped to inform our design and interface decisions in the eCommerce space: Most hardware store websites have unorganized interfaces and unappealing design. (Great opportunity to make a difference!)

Ferrepat clients wanted to be able to shop as they would do in a store. (We took that into account when defining navigation patterns) and an easy and convenient way to order products that are often cumbersome and difficult to transport.

Wireframe, test, polish

While our UX research specialist created the sitemap taking as a reference the department and product categories at the physical store, I collaborated generating sketches, wireframes that I tested every week, and polished designs in a quick cycle that allowed us to have prompt feedback from stakeholders and users.
One of the biggest challenges for this project, was to help users find products with ease. Most of our testing time was spent in the product menus and categorization.

Visual Explorations

We presented two visual proposals: Even when the option on the left was visually better, it also they required special photo shoots that time couldn't allow. The best approach was to adapt the design to use existing photos (right).

Option 'A' was visually appealing
But Option 'B' allowed the use existing photos
Product Detail


Ferrepat receives 10,000 new visitors every day. The web portal represents 40% of the company's total income. Observing users in a retail environment gave me insights into their behaviour and desires. Also, the open and quick communication with the client helped a lot accelerating the design process.

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