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about the project

Santander Twist is a website from Santander Bank that showcases special promotions and deals for cardholders.

Three designers developed this team project (myself included), three developers and a product manager, and maintained for 1.5 years. I designed the navigation system and after launch, I provided art direction for content and landing pages.


Santander Twist was conceived first as a rewards and social media site for Santander cardholders. After a weak response from users, the marketing team at Santander came to us to help them figure out a solution to the lack of traction.


We launched a survey in different Santander websites, and we realized that people had less interest in the social component, and more in promotions, deals, and rewards. It was our work to help Santander rethink their product.

These are some ideas we took at heart when redesigning Santander Twist:
Why not making it less about social media and more about opportunities and deals?
Let's help people choose what's interesting to them.
We can create an environment where promotions from internal (Santander) and external sources (partners) can live together.

The team wanted to follow a very visual approach to encourage promotion exploration with enjoyment and ease, differentiate categories and save their favorite promotions for later.

User Navigation

I spent most of my time defining navigation categories, icons and ways to find information on the homepage, and using the top bar.Having two bars allowed us to remove the promotions gray bar in presence of other content different than the promo feed (e.g. a landing page or contest)

Navigation from the homepage

I tested different icons and colors on preference and association tests. From left to right: Shopping, Entertainment, Wellness, Restaurants, Services and Travel.

Visual Design

In the final layout, a user can identify promotion types by icons, mark items as favorite, or go to the detail page. The top navigation bar allows users to choose a different State, log out, do a search or go to each promotion category.

Planning for the future

The redesign should allow adaptations for alternate skins. These would be used to showcase a special promotion, credit card campaign or season. After finishing the project, I was tasked with the art direction of campaigns, landing pages and other relevant art for Santander Twist.

Art Direction

These are some of the landing pages created for cross-selling at Santander Twist. All of them should follow Santander's  corporate identity but also be innovative to match the graphic style of Santander Twist.

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